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LLM Solicitors are the only firm of Solicitors in Brixton solely dedicated to the area of criminal defence.

LLM Solicitors represents the culmination of the vision and effort of three partners, Emma Lambie, James Lefroy and Khalid Missouri.
As a Firm we are centrally committed to three objectives:
  1. To provide a consistently excellent level of legal representation to each and every one of our Clients.
  2. To be an integral and proactive part of the local community both in Brixton and the surrounding area.
  3. To be a good and supportive employer to each of our employees, thereby allowing each of them to individually maintain standards of excellence.It is our belief that the growth and success of a Firm is best achieved by the development of its reputation.

For these reasons at LLM, we are committed to ensuring that each and every individual is treated with an equal level of respect, in the belief that, provided we do so, the community will in turn be able to place its trust in LLM as their local solicitors both in Brixton and the wider surrounding area.

At LLM, we are also committed to building relationship's with local businesses and support services, thus enabling us to refer our Clients to such institutions both during the lifespan of their case and upon its conclusion. In this sense we offer an entirely unique service which, we believe, will lead to the development of an increasingly positive reputation in the local community.

Our objectives will be only achieved by working together as a Firm. We only employ the best, and do so in the knowledge and belief that each and every employee is essential to our success. It is our belief that if we wish our employees to fulfil our expectations, it is reasonable for our employees to expect to work in an environment of support, respect and understanding. This is exactly what we seek to provide.

LLM Solicitors is the trading name of LLM Solicitors (London) Ltd a Private Limited Company registered in England and Wales No. 8272399

Authorised and Regulated by Solicitors Regulation Authority under Reference No. 540157, VAT: 990 3480 04

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